Well, of course, all elected councillors and maybe even some candidates get exultant, outstanding praise at some stage.
(I’m sure I have, at some time; can’t quite remember when, but it will come.)
IMG_6039b0490h ClN canvassing LGMP
For Lilian, big praise for a resident who’d needed her help on a matter that had been dragging on for years.
IMG_6029GPac0165h CLC LGMP and manifesto pledges B-7fS4bWkAAu83r
IMG_6030b0177h ClN dogs eats lemon fruit pastille
Labour had been campaigning in the north-east end of Clifton estate.
Promoting its new Nottingham Labour campaign pledges.
And joined by the campaigning dog, who, having demanded a fruit pastille to chew, cos everyone else had one, realised it was his duty to finish, rather than leave on the street.
IMG_6029GPba0111h CLC LGMP and campaigners B-7fS8NXAAE9Yuo


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