Bridge ward monthly report 41

IMG_5893b0505h Queens Walk young Queen Vic story pole
On the face of it, some achievements this month –
– the last of The Meadows story poles installed, and a tour of all twelve to celebrate;
– 3 veteran oak trees saved;
– 20 mph speed limits introduced;
– public support for a new £500,000 cricket pavilion for the Meadows Recreation Ground;
– a bid readied and presented for £5,500,000 of improvements for Victoria Embankment and the Meadows Recreation Ground.
But there are critics – including the local newspaper – and I suppose if this was easy, there’d be more volunteers to hold the role.

National politics is still in a stale funk, and made worse by MPs pay being an issue again.

Problems with the low pay, low hours and low job security remain and remain low profile. Not much profile for the growing problems with GPs either. Controversy over lower rates of voter registration.

Still when you’re chewing on life gristle …

Actually, progress on the construction of the tram lines does continue to disappoint.

1312 issues and concerns raised for tracking.
For reasons I can’t particularly explain, the daily rate of visits to this website reached a high this month.

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