Wilford Community Group cttee meeting

IMG_4555b0110h wcg cttee meeting LGMP
A quick note to refer to the kind of routine work Lilian Greenwood MP does.
Not a public meeting either, so some main points.
Flooding from the River Trent: the vulnerability of a part of Wilford whose defences are lower than elsewhere, but only with a 1% chance of being breached in every year, was reviewed with an officer from the Environment Agency. The news, there are places with lower protection (2% chance of defences being breached) and even if investment is granted, it’s only to a 1.3% chance of a breach.
Flooding from Fairham Brook: recent improvements in protection in Silverdale brought about through NET works, and the general level of protection, may not be being properly recognised by insurance companies.
Tram running over the Old Toll Bridge: continued anxiety about how trams will interact with cars, cycles and pedestrians, especially at the end of the school day; NET remain confident that this will work out and are doing education work as part of the current implementation; but it’s not a bad thing for community activists to keep an eye out.
The Old Toll Bridge itself: some surprise at the impact of a new hand rail on top of the western walls of the bridge – does kinda look odd.
Highway litter: Nottingham city’s claim to be the cleanest city is rather undermined by the state of the verges and land controlled by the Highway Agency, most particularly around Clifton Bridge and the Silverdale roundabout.


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