Say you tried

IMG_4619c0283h BBCtv Joy Division doc Ian Curtis say you tried
A recent BBC / Facebook package tries to tell your life story through events.
It couldn’t know that I was at Joy Division’s last concert.
The abiding memory – how the music took you away.
BBC 4 tv broadcast a 2007 documentary (called “Joy Division”) which told so many compelling stories.
(Was it the first television broadcast?)
“Joy Division in particular, Factory in general, Ian’s story … is one of the last true stories in pop. There are very few true stories in a business dominated pop culture.”
IMG_4605comp0608h Peter Saville quote from joy division documentary
Peter Saville’s statement at the end says loads.
Paul Morley says Joy Division had “an integrity, something you could believe in, something that didn’t seem just for the money, for the career; it was anti-[music]-industry. … Joy Division … explains some of the rules of what it is to be cool.”
The Guardian review celebrates the film in the context of both “Twenty-Four Hour People” and “Control”.


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