The damage Rifkind has done

IMG_4490d0542h C4tv dispatches Malcolm Rifkind captioned
Because the media can avoid talking about what we want as a country for another few days.
Because the Daily Telegraph can avoid having to talk about losing a senior journalist because their copy is being written to suit their sponsors – not the hallmark of a free press.
Because the suspicion is against all MPs even though only 12 were approached by a sting operation and 10 of those refused, all the MPs are back under suspicion.

Malcolm Rifkind had to decide to go.
His words about being an MP were callous.

For Jack Straw, we wait; to understand the significance of holding an interview to seek private work in his Parliamentary office; to understand the significance of describing how he can alleviate problems associated with lobbying rather than getting them fixed.

But it’s also disappointing to hear the role of MP continually being described as a combination of scrutineer of legislation and community case worker.
The role needs to be bigger.
Issues needs to be wider.
Ambition for the people needs to be higher.
Politics needs to be bigger.
So does the media.

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