City Centre Forum February 2015

Three items discussed.
– Improving signage and flowers and trees in the city centre (£200k programme).
– Reviewing collection for charities in the city centre (complaints are going down).
– Owners, Intu, presenting their new vision for the Broadmarsh shopping centre (1,500 people replied in the recent days, with 8 out of 9 positive.)

Questions for Intu included – Can more be done to make the connection between Lister Gate and Collin Street feel more like a street? How can the doors be managed so as to both make shoppers feel comfortable, but not be a burden to use? Can they assume Collin Street will be pedestrianized and if so, can the renewed centre appear much, much better than the current wall? Does the proposed Middle Hill entrance interact strongly enough with the proposed tram stop? Does the Broad Walk part of the mall have enough height and natural light? How do you take the character of Bridlesmith Gate and continue it into a new street – Drury Walk – when modern retailers have expectations that differ from small windows and small doors?

Lots to talk about.


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