Community film clubs for children

Pat Thomas, Chair of NeMTRA reports –
“The New Meadows Tenant’s and Resident’s Association (NeMTRA) were successful last year in obtaining a grant to set up a Community Cinema. The cinema has been set up at Bridgeway Hall in the Meadows shopping precinct, in partnership with the Methodist church. There are over 200 cinema style seats so it is an ideal location.
“A film club designed for children 8-14 years old has been organised for the last Saturday of each month. In January our first film – Frozen- was appreciated by a young female audience. We will be showing a more boy orientated film on Saturday, February 28th at 10:30. Entrance to the children’s film club is free.
“The rules applying to the use of the film club licence prevent NeMTRA from advertising the film title, except to other Film Club members and at the cinema itself. Membership of Film Club is free, so if you wish to receive regular information regarding the Saturday club then your organisation may wish to take up membership of Film Club. See for more information.
“We are also planning a series of films for adults and families and plan to kick off with a “Singalonga Sound of Music”, look out for further details in community publications.
“We welcome others in the community to use this facility, as it is ideal for special events, like Christmas showings.”


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