The Heavy Dancers are back

Winter sunbathing on a Cornish beach, you see a strange aircraft approaching.
bbc _81129400_plane_spotter_guide_624_v3 a0446h
Using the handy BBC guide, you realise it’s a Russian warplane.
Do you –
1. scream in the high pitched manner of the defence experts on BBC Radio this morning, saying war is coming and we need to boost the defence budget?
2. turn to the next page on E.P.Thompson’s “Heavy Dancers” and play Billy Bragg’s “Think Again” (you know “Do you think The Russians want War”) on the shuffle?
3. Ask the Russian pilot to wind down his window so that you can explain to him that he needs to turn around to go home, avoiding the UK and Ireland on the way back?
One of the commentators said the current situation is now more dangerous than during the cold war. So this trumps Cuba (1963), Israel – Egypt (1973) and false incoming ICBMs warning (1983). Hey ho.
The Heavy Dancers are back, and this time they are even more ridiculous.


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