People working need more help to get by

If Meadows people seeking help are anything to go by, then the number of Nottingham people getting social security to get by (even though they are working some hours) is going up.
And after a period when debt problems were going down, cos people were aware of the need to tackle problems early, debt problems are on the increase.
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Expanding …
From April 1st to 31st January, Meadows Advice Group helped on 664 matters,
gaining £1,155,653 benefits for residents (up slightly (£81k) on this point last year, which was already a record year),
helping to manage £171,816 of priority debt and
£191,497 of non priority debt, (both up proportionately higher).
Meadows Advice Group continue to report how benefits are being sought cos people are on zero hours, low hours or reduced hours.
Benefits up whilst apparently more people are in work (or not seeking job seekers allowance).
Some kind of economic miracle that.
voxpoliticalonline IDS and universal credit a0246h
Meanwhile, on Wednesday, it was announced that Universal Credit will not reach Nottingham before December, and then only for single people.
(Not much coverage; how does Iain Duncan Smith get away with so much?)


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