And traitors sneer

Once in a generation there is a pivotal moment in a country’s history.
I believe we have reached that moment.
It is time to decide whether we remain in the EU.
A Councillor knows constituents want jobs with security and longer hours.
A trade unionist knows people want the abuse of the labour market by employers stopped.

But another referendum?
As a priority?
Our sovereignty is being eroded by the day.
And no doubt, from the same people who say 75% of our legislation is from the EU.
Well, no it isn’t.

140218b0274h Yeo Telegraph parts 1 and 2
Now UKIP have been warning of a defection to them from Labour for some time, I hadn’t expected it to be from my own trade union. Harriet Yeo was the President of TSSA and when I saw Facebook entries reporting she was saying vote UKIP, I thought there’d been a mistake. Perhaps my political compass is faulty, or perhaps left and right as a way of understanding politics is not that useful, but I’d thought she was more leftist than me.
At times like this, it’s hard to accept notions like ‘she was only ever in it for herself’, cos plenty of Labour movement caucuses had chance to spot that – the district party that appointed her to a panel, the branch that made her a ward candidate for the council, the county party that made her a candidate for Police Commissioner, the TSSA conference that nominated her for the Labour Party NEC and the trade union movement who elected her.
The District party had decided (only the night before apparently) that she was no longer fit to be a Labour candidate, and I certainly don’t want to double guess them, though I trust they gave proper recognition of her employment circumstances, family commitments and health.
One of her Facebook friends has protested “So sad to attack people for what they believe in”, but it seems to me that beliefs and values is the proper front to challenge Harriet on.
Yes, some of the personal stuff floating around is unfortunate. And attempts to be humorous aren’t always 100%.
But Harriet is not beyond the personal herself -“Voters are simply turned off by politicians who … speak from scripts … ” kinda begs a question.

And traitors sneer
Labour’s anthem, “The Red Flag”, was said to have been written to the tune of a German Christmas Carol, in the space of a short train journey through South London.
It seems that even in those early days in Victorian times, we were aware of betrayal from people who had previously been our own; as if it was in the movement’s DNA.


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