Can Austria save us?

Screenshot (370)b0106h tweet AlanSimpson01 austrian nucleur energy challenge
Well, it’s to be hoped Austria’s challenge to the EU Commission’s decision to allow the construction and operation of Hinckley Point nuclear power station can succeed.
Screenshot (371)b0829h article Dave Toke austrian nucleur energy challenge
Cos as Dr. Dave Toke points out, the construction is already late and the Chinese contracted to build are already looking for the British and French governments to underwrite further.
Meanwhile, the Gov’t minister is in denial.
The Nottingham Post on the other hand has rather cheerfully written up news of a £5m grant to Nottingham which will externally insulate 400 homes (in Sneinton) as well as underwrite an electric tourist bus service.
Screenshot (373)c0325h NPost insulation grant
Despite the headline, £5 million is neither here or there on making Nottingham the most sustainable city in Europe.
But good news and a reminder that –
1. we need to talk about insulating homes more;
2. projects like these are far more local and meaningful than a new power station some way away.


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