A defining performance on Notts TV On Demand

Screenshot (362)b0656h NottsTV thenandnowep003 0105
Recognised twice in 2 days for having spoken about the history of The Meadows on TV.
Helped by the Notts TV channel going On Demand.
Episode 3 of Now and Then featured The Meadows and is available.
And, oh the shame –
– I’m described as the local Councillor, rather than a ward Councillor;
– I’m described as a local historian, rather than (shall we say at best) storyteller;
– I keep saying “defining”.
My bit starts a minute in.
Screenshot (365)b0588h NottsTV thenandnowep003 0225 Screenshot (367)b0553h NottsTV thenandnowep003 0229
A pleasure was bumping into people as we walked around.
A lady who made her living cleaning in the local pubs of the time.
And Mary, a former work colleague, who even as a friend is seen giving me a lecture, aided with a pointed figure.
The filming took place last April.


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