Intu announce Broadmarsh renewal

IMG_5903AMb0455h Broadmarsh intu plans launch CllrAP MME CllrJMEvent to celebrate plans to renew Broadmarsh and rebuild parts of it.
IMG_5903b0130h Broadmarsh intu plans launch
Plans were on show (made public the next day).
Screenshot (354)b0767h intu Broadmarsh plans
Compared to plans venture over a decade ago, one fifth of the cost.
A proper entrance from Collin Street, but not an open street, although it will be street like, just under glass.
IMG_5904i56a0416h Broadmarsh intu plans 9471456-large Listergate IMG_5904i55a0416h Broadmarsh intu plans 9471455-large Lister Square IMG_5904i57a0416h Broadmarsh intu plans 9471457-large Collin Street IMG_5904i54a0416h Broadmarsh intu plans 9471454-large Middle Hill IMG_5904i61a0403h Broadmarsh intu plans broadmarsh B9rHTl1CcAAdBgb IMG_5904i62a0413h Broadmarsh intu plans broadmarsh2 Drury Lane

A new entrance from Middle Hill, and the Middle Pavement entrance replaced by a street extending from Bridlesmith Gate, starting along the line of the former Drury Hill, termed Drury Walk.
Opinion is sought by Intu.
N Post coverage here.

Questions might include –
– is an open street connecting Collin Street and Listergate a better idea, or despite the original aspiration, are shoppers happier with an environment protected from the weather? If we’re keeping entrance doors, how do avoid the ‘nuisance’ associated with the existing doors? How should the Listergate entrance look like?
– if Collin Street is to be pedestrianized in a separate development that is currently planned, what can be done to make the wall facing Collin Street interesting?
– can the interchange planned for Middle Hill between a new entrance and a new tram stop become vibrant?
– can the main aisle through Broadmarsh convey the airiness of new shopping complexes whilst using the existing roof?
– how should Drury Walk be specified to convey the sense of an extension to Bridlesmith Gate?
– is the mix of shops, restaurants and cinema proposed, the right mix for Broadmarsh?
– what will the new centre look like at night?


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