Meadows Tree Project Queens Walk Story Poles celebration

Screenshot (346)b0755h Meadows Tree Project Queens Walk Storypoles guide
The Meadows now has more outdoors free standing art than the city centre.
The guide put together by the Meadows Tree Project lists the 12 poles, their sculptors and their themes.

IMG_5781b0692h LGMP with young Queen Vic
Lilian Greenwood MP and friends unveiled the last statue, representing Queen Victoria on the day in 1843 when she visited Nottingham Midland station, when she was younger, and on her way to Belvoir Castle.
A surprising perspective, cos she is generally shown in her old age.
Up to 70 people attended the tour of the twelve story poles, with explanations of the themes and stories given at each one, such as Pat Thomas explain the green story pole – pictured below.
Five year sevens from Emmanuel school and six pupils from Welbeck school attended. The Emmanuel pupils had helped design the transport story pole.
Afterwards, it was tea and cakes (by Bel Edis) at Carroll Gardens.
Queen Vic LGMP MME ncc

IMG_5784b0455h QW Pat Thomas and guests at green story pole

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