Bridge ward monthly report 40

January 2015 was a cold dark month.
Yes, weather wise.
But also Charlie Hebdo; murders of hostages by I.S.; heightened tensions.
Of course, counter attempts to rally support for hope not hate.
Ceremonies to mark the 70th anniversary of the relief of Auschwitz.
“Notts sommes Charlie”; and world leaders rallying together in Paris (leaders of Israel and Palestine together).
But the wrongheadedness continues at all levels.
Front page screams of Nottingham schools’ performance – 20 years on since the publication of local reports that showed how school performance could be understood properly once social and economic factors were taken into account.
Celebrations of falls in people registered unemployed and proclaiming those people as in work, whilst people on the doorsteps and in the streets are calling for work.
People facing eviction, cos of poverty.
How do we not want to understand what is really happening?
More comfortable instead with throwing insults.
Nottingham Post front pages calling earnest attempts to save three veteran oak trees ‘barking’ and writing editorials calling the attempts bungled. We shall have to wait to see what actually happens.
A full ward progress report is available.
Bridge ward progress report v150120 1525 a1747h
Clearer progress on a new cricket pavilion.
Matters reported to me since Oct. 2011 – 1275.
TO BE UPDATED, with a photo to be added.

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