Cricket Pavilion exhibition and consultation

Public consultation for a new cricket pavilion began a new phase at the Meadows Library, following the submission of a planning application.
IMG_5697a0232h ML cricket pavilion consultation IMG_5699a0232h ML cricket pavilion consultation JH
Visitors to the library can see an exhibition and fill in a form.
A fuller version of the survey is available on line.

IMG_5698b0284h ML cricket pavilion consultation Tracey
Tracey, from Trent Bridge Community Trust, who is driving the fund-raising and campaign amongst businesses, attended the exhibition.
The pavilion would cost just under £500,000 to build, and the cost is being met by bids to the holders of proceeds from the landfill tax, from the contributions made for community development from developers of projects in the city centre, lottery funds and business donations in cash and kind, as well as individual fund-raising.
Meeting the project costs is a challenge.

IMG_5700b0277h ML cricket pavilion consultation JlH EA
Feedback during the afternoon was for a new pavilion, and indeed a new suggestion has been raised of building the new pavilion on the site of the old.
There was a good set of questions. How will the pavilion connect with the access ramp? What building materials will the pavilion be finished in? Can the pavilion be booked for other activities? Can green technology save on building costs as well as running costs? Can something be done to stop players and watchers from parking on the grass at the side of the pitches?
Re-siting the pavilion in the middle brings challenges to the cost – not least the whole building standing proud of the ground as well as an extra ramp and a new hard-standing track to the middle of the pavilion.
The consultation ends with a public meeting (Feb. 26th), and then a decision has to be made by the council, most probably at the March planning committee.

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