“It’s a farce”

… shouts a chair of a Notts County football club supporters group in the N Post.
Apparently a new parking permits scheme around the Meadow Lane neighbourhood “could have an adverse effect on attendances”.
And that’s an advocate of Notts County.
This is an article in search of a story.
It seems charging for spaces to stop all day parking by commuters isn’t the story – despite it being the reason.
And how’s this for customer focus – a ‘pub in Meadow Lane, said the changes would affect business through the week because its car park was mostly used by staff’.

Changes to the original scheme were made following consultation and special signs for this scheme have been introduced; this has caused a delay until January.

More change is most likely on its way.
– Crocus Street is being abused by commuters; consultation for a scheme has been going on for some time.
– Residents of Eugene Gardens have organised a petition about commuter parking, and that’s before the nearby Meadow Lane change is introduced in January.
– There are complaints about commuter parking throughout The Meadows, including from near ‘ng2’ business park and along Victoria Embankment.
Responses for much of The Meadows are likely to be tied in with the roll-out of the tram – it’s an obvious point for any consultation if it can be pointed out that the tram might make a difference.

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