Meadows Cricket Pavilion

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Nottingham City Council now intends to build a new cricket pavilion for Meadows Recreation Ground, next to Victoria Embankment.

Select the graphics to see my presentation of the proposal and news associated with it.

The new proposal was first explained at a public meeting held at the Meadows Library.

The Meadows Cricket Pavilion is a beautiful building. Given grandeur by steps, iron columns and a double-angled roof.

But now the cricket pavilion is in a considerable state of disrepair.

Plans to rewew requires piling and internal columns; and is difficult to make accessible to all.

It costs much more than the council can win from WREN funding, cricket bodies and various partners who are prepared to give in kind.

Money can be found for an ECB compliant pavilion built at the edge of the grounds, for which there are templates.

But the aspiration is to adapt one of the templates, probably building in brick, re-using the cast iron columns of the current pavilion and for a 2 angle roof.

Invited to comment on the main principles of the proposal, the majority who attended the meeting agreed.

But this is a matter, and these are the decisions, that Councillors have to take responsibility for, and will be held to account on.

Indeed, the scale of the news is significant and was surprising …
– the aim had been renewal of the existing building;
– the poor nature of the foundations is a recent finding;
… a further public meeting will be needed, probably in November, and hopefully with further indications of what a design may well look like.
An understanding of an informed public response is needed.


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