Arkwright residents action meeting

IMG_4795b0141h Arkwright action meeting
Strong concerns expressed about a range of housing, regeneration and decommissioning issues for residents of Arkwright Walk and neighbouring streets with housing scheduled for demolition.
NCH officers have been in touch with some of those who raised concerns at the NEMTRA meeting a fortnight ago.
IMG_4634b0076h Arkwright St Meadows Way lit junctionOne of whom pointed out that despite claims that nothing could be done to accelerate a task scheduled for six weeks hence, the power had been installed to Meadows Way / Arkwright Street junction in the next week.

Ed Miliband’s 10 election policies

Labour Ed Miliband 10 election promises Byo2efkCMAA8YgM
Start a major speech with anecdote from people you meet in the street and you risk being seen as less than a national figure.
Make a point of making a speech without notes, whilst sharing the content in advance, and you risk being criticised for style and missing content.
Yet, let’s remember how the 2010 General Election campaign was notably for the media wanting to do anything but talk about substance; far too excited about leaders’ debates; they did nothing in exposing the scale of the Conservatives’ plan to impose austerity on such a scale, challenge the impact of such austerity or expose plans to re-organise the NHS – despite an election pledge not to.
The media have created an atmosphere whereby saying anything outside a tight, fire-bomb tested line is ridiculed.
So Labour’s 10 key policies are outlined and have been rehearsed for some time, and they are listed in the graphic above.
Voters’ need to reflect on the core values that do define the differences – most particularly Labour’s aim for social equality and providing commonwealth and public service where they can.
Labour Ed Miliband deck is stacked b02570h ByO2QKWCAAAjKpb
Making decisions in favour of the many rather than the few.

Love Locks on Wilford Suspension Bridge

Screenshot (200)b0235h NPost love locks articleGrateful to Nottingham Post workers for bringing this to my attention. Click graphic to read their article.
Severn Trent, who own the bridge, are currently leaving the love locks on, and when I was asked, I hadn’t seen the bridge and I wasn’t sure; but I now think the problems, including some of the locks already starting to rust, will grow.
IMG_4791b0349h Wilford Suspension Bridge padlocks