Robin Hood races

The annual Robin Hood Marathon and Half-marathon races, starting on Victoria Embankment and finishing at the Meadows Recreation Ground.

IMG_4818b0601h Jane and family runners
Gran Jane, with son, grandson and granddaughter, with their medals, having run the mini-marathon together, although the granddaughter seemed keen to proclaim that she’d beat her gran!

IMG_4807b0158h mini marathon approach start
The walk up of children, with their supporters, to the start was quietly impressive.

IMG_4801b0317h VE marathon and half marathon start
Earlier, the elite of the marathon runners seem less relaxed with each other.

IMG_4809b0358h Queens Drive half marathon runners
Two miles in.
The Meadows is almost completely cut off during these early stages and there may well be some issues to address for next year (signage and training of volunteers).

IMG_4823b0422h MRG half marathon runners finishing dad waves to family IMG_4825b0616h MRG half marathon runners finishing mum waves to family
Approaching the final bend on the half-marathon, and first a Dad, and then a Mum, take pleasure from spotting relatives who waited to cheer them on to the finish.
At least 2 collapses at this final corner, which I decided not to photograph. Not sure spectators, encouraging other runners to pick them up when it’s possible something else there and then was needed. It turns out what seemed like a nice day (cloudy, but with some sunshine) was too hot for the runners.

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