Ewan Morrison’s reasons for switching to “No”

The article expresses surprise and disappointment at the intolerance within the “Yes” camp. And the shouting down of Ed Miliband in Edinburgh was disappointing.
The challenge of course is to show this only happens on one side of the argument. Or to be able to say Nigel Farage wasn’t attacked when he came to Nottingham.
But the author makes a much stronger point on the vacuum at the centre of the “Yes” campaign – “… a kind of shopping list of desires … there was: Get rid of Trident,
… raise the minimum wage, lower corporation tax,
promote gay and lesbian rights,
… create a world leading Green economy, exploit oil to the full and become a world leading petro-chemical economy,
… nationalise the banks, nationalise BP, be more attractive to foreign investment. “

It highlights however that the challenges of politics are being abandoned for something else.
Bernard Crick wrote “Nationalism is … perhaps the most compelling of all motives that can lead [people] to abandon or scorn politics.”
There are grievances over growth and sharing of wealth to address and they go wider than Scotland.


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