Sort of unacceptable

A public opinion surveyor called by, and having a couple of friends who have these kinds of jobs, I agreed to take part.
The survey in the end was disappointing. Its main question – are the TV schedules filled with trash – was too stark, cos who can fairly say that they are?
There has been some excellent TV this year – I’ve celebrated Sherlock, Fargo, Line of Duty and even Pointless on these pages.
What I was aching to say is –
– that the soaps are awful and do not do what they professed once to set out to do – to portray ordinary lives;
– that the competition programmes, that should be an opportunity to deliver skill, are tainted by inappropriate application of stress;
– that the music programmes have destroyed the culture and creativity British music once had;
– that news programmes need to report rather than merely affirm that journalists knew best all along;
– that politics programmes cannot succeed whilst their agenda is that politics is rubbish and nothing can get done;
– that sport programmes are weakened by the emphasis on sports psychology;
– that if the best in comedy is Michael MacIntrye and the best in chat show programmes is Graham Norton then we need change bad;
– that Dr Who became flawed by making the Daleks too difficult to beat and by repeated destructions, and then restorations of, the universe.
(Maybe a bit much to expect the last point to be tested for in an opinion survey.)
So lots to complain about; but you just can’t say that the TV schedules are full of trash.
British TV and social media hit a new low this week when the Great British Bake Off asked contestants to make an ice-cream based pudding in a marquee that was too hot. The stress was too much and an old lady made a mistake with someone else’s desert, which that contestant then binned. A hate campaign in the social media was launched against a 69 year old lady, 800 members of the public asked regulators to intervene for the contestant whose desert had failed and pleasure has been taken from news that the lady has since retired from the competition – overlooking that the lady has suffered a fall hurting her face and damaging her ability to taste and smell. Some welcome sanity from Ruby Tandoh who attacks the makers of the programme in The Guardian.
“sort of unacceptable” cites Ruby.

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