Nottingham Caribbean Carnival 2014

IMG_4105b0300h Wg Carnival parade hyson green IMG_4139b0300h Wg Carnival parade
18 troupes in a parade opened by Paddy Tipping.
IMG_4080b0176h Wg Carnival parade
Nottingham samba dancers.
IMG_4083b0256h Wg Carnival parade
IMG_4085d0185h Wg Carnival parade
IMG_4104d0203h Wg Carnival parade
IMG_4106b0140h Wg Carnival parade hyson green
Hyson Green well represented, this year in green and purple; always looking good when they dance together.
IMG_4113c0145h Wg Carnival parade t and t
Links between Trinidad & Tobago and Nottingham neighbourhoods celebrated.
IMG_4114d0184h Wg Carnival parade rain
The rain came in two short, sharp, heavy bursts and was cold.
IMG_4118b0137h Wg Carnival parade pigeons
IMG_4121b0186h Wg Carnival parade
IMG_4127b0134h Wg Carnival parade city arts
IMG_4146b0175h MSt Carnival parade
IMG_4148b0211h MSt Carnival parade
IMG_4150c0200h MSt Carnival parade
IMG_4151b0151h MSt Carnival parade
From Radford.
IMG_4154b0129h MSt Carnival parade
From Luton.

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