Could it be, we were all so happy then?

Labour’s Mapperley team, 1995.
Today, Cllr. Emma Dewinton announced her resignation from the Labour Party. The gist being the Labour party nationally had not got enough detailed policy and we needed to go into more detail at the council.
And that the scrutiny of detail is being undermined by Labour having too large a majority on the council.
This election photo was taken when Labour was seeking a clean sweep in the Tories’ third safest ward on the city council; we succeeded, knocking out their city leader and reducing the Conservatives to one councillor. The Conservatives, if no-one else, will see the irony of the claim on big majorities; others will see the irrationality. Hey ho.
Also featured in the photo, Saghir Akhtar was to later defect to the Lib Dems, then become an independent, and then become a Lib Dem again. All this in Bridge ward, which I now represent.
Yet Labour victories in Mapperley ward did bring capacity and focus to improving road safety in the ward, tackling two deck-access council housing estates which were then the worst in the city, changing laws and regulations regarding on-street prostitution and helping the deprived cohort of children served by our local secondary school.


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