Come together

Staff from Notts Police service and the City Council working on community safety for The Meadows came together to see typical issues, share knowledge on what powers are available and check which powers and services are being used.
New powers for ensuring higher levels of responsibility from landlords of high and multi-occupancy properties have just come into play. The challenge is the landlords who want the income but not the responsibility. Examples of the problems of such an approach for the public have occurred within the Old Meadows within the last few months.
A persistent theme of community safety is if there are blights on a neighbourhood that aren’t tackled, then others don’t feel as committed to the neighbourhood. These “broken windows” need to be dealt with.
Whilst on Holgate Road, a Police suspect was being apprehended, leading to quite a spectacle with the volumes of uniforms on the street. Just one of those co-incidences.
Signs are up advertising new powers on tackling street drinking.

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