MAG helps find a million

Meadows Advice Group’s end of year figures showing them helping to find people in need over an extra £1 million in annualised social security, way up on previous figures.
MAG report – . from 1st April 2013 to 31st March 2014 we achieved the following:
929 matters opened
£1,090,457 gained as annualised amounts
£ 217,426 benefits gained as lump sums
£ 112,603 priority debt managed
£ 162,209 non priority debt managed
In the previous year we had opened 1011 matters.
The amount of benefits gained is up by £470,842 at this stage last year, showing the value of the work we do and probably the impact of benefit changes and new harsher regimes at Department for Work and Pensions.
The amount of debt dealt with is up by £78131 on the same time last year again showing the impact of the recession and benefit changes.

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