St.George’s Day in Nottingham 2014

20140423-223747.jpg 20140423-223815.jpg 20140423-223851.jpg 20140423-223934.jpg
A larger march than last year, but perhaps more one-dimensional; certainly when compared to last month’s St.Patrick’s Day parade.
Morris dancing and folk music featured in the Old Market Square, but perhaps a reminder of why we English embraced the Beatles.
A tad harsh, and one colleague told me not to take the event it too seriously.
To paraphrase Boris Pasternak, “But if people love parties, they love excuses for a party. And nobody loves parties like the English” and people came to have a good time.
Some want a bank holiday for St.George’s Day. There is a breadth to celebrating England, with inspiration available from many, including George Orwell’s ideas from his essay, “The Lion and the Unicorn“. But maybe the focus should just be a tad more on doing more of the radical things that made England great rather than saying ain’t it great.

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