Hug a broken hearted husky

The old husky lifted its head. The latest pups yelping as they came its way.
They seemed more excitable than usual and formed a heaving mass within seconds.
“It’s your anniversary” they shouted.
The old dog winced.
“Tell us! Tell us! What was it like?”
They were referring to the current British Prime Minister’s visit to the island 8 years ago.
The pups knew they were to be special.
Providing transport to others.
Making the world of commerce work.
And the grand-parent had been part of the team chosen that day as part of the best of the special ones.
“Was it to save the planet?” yapped the youngest.
“Aah well, now, you see…”
But the old timer could see the new parents had already started sniggering.
Had it really been that bad?
Yes, the pink faced man had been aloof, but surely he’d shown he cared.
He’d wanted to see the receding ice of the main glacier.
He’d said he was he to put the environment first.
‘Greenest government ever’
‘Would provide leadership in Europe for tackling climate change.’
Why shouldn’t they have believed him?
Why shouldn’t they have been proud?
20140421-193332.jpg“Get rid of the green crap” shouted the newspapers!
Why oh why had old timer waved the newspaper coverage around in those balmy days?
The photos showing the energy and enthusiasm of the pack.
Now the British investment programmes to tackle climate change had been cut to shore up the profits of their big energy companies.
Fracking programmes to burn more gas, encouraged.
Insulation programmes stopped.
Inshore wind farms ridiculed.
The British, it now seems, can’t even survive without weekly collections of non-recyclable waste, according to the one who ate more biscuits that this pack of huskies could ever manage.
Of course, no-one even reported on the status of the glacier now.
The Arctic Ice continued to melt away.
Oh the disappointment, Or was it shame?
“Are you crying?”
“No, no. It’s just a touch of hay fever, that’s all.”
The pups looked up confused.
“Time for bed kids” gestured the parents, who looked at each other to indicate that perhaps the joke had turned a bit sour.

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