Bridge ward monthly report 28

January will be remembered in parts of the country for gales, persistent rain and flooding. Somerset suffered and was ignored. Aberystwyth lost its promenade. Some doubt as to how the damage will all be resolved.
Meanwhile news that Japan, who have lost part of the country to radioactivity, have installed 4 GW of solar energy in 6 months.
Britain should be responding to extreme weather events by doing more to mitigate climate change. Instead, a popular house cladding scheme for warmer house in the Clifton estate was cancelled and there’s a ninety day race to get as much done as possible. This despite British Gas making huge profits elsewhere. Just where is the country going? Apparently into a determined effort by Michael Gove to convince us that The Great War was worth nine million lives. Oh dear.

In Nottingham, Intu submitted a new proposal for a new main entrance at the Victoria Centre with huge illuminations.

The tram project announced delays, and a traffic light failure caused big congestion, but said it would still start on 14th December. Test running through The Meadows starts in May.

In The Meadows, there’s been a suspected murder in Uppingham Gardens.
Complaints about anti-social behaviour in Beauvale Road started to come in and then came to a head, resulting in evictions.
The legislation on bedroom tax was incorrect in one part; residents have already reacted to a small article in “Meadows Matters”.
Congratulations to Dr. Rachel Davies who has taken over as Chair of Meadows Advice Group.
The Area 8 Cttee, which brings a more local focus to council business in The Meadows, Wilford and Clifton, will be considering how the budget for improving local pavements, roads and the general public realm will be considering the proposals, which are explained in a very full monthly report to be found at

769 matters have been logged for chasing (drawing from conversations, comments at meetings, phone calls, letters, e-mails, Facebook, Twitter and public comment) since October 20th, 2011. (2011 – 57; 2012 – 358; 2013 – 322; 2014 -32).

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