Clifton housing insulation programme stopped

ConDems have lost the plot on climate change prevention and on lowering energy bills.
All part of a panicked response to Ed Miliband’s cost of living initiatives.
Cllr. Alan Clark reports “British Gas has cancelled the contract for Clifton for solid wall insulation. They have been allowed to do this because the Government in the Autumn Statement changed the targets for energy companies and British Gas says it can meet the new targets without this and various other contracts.
“The contract requires a 90 day notice and the contractors’ response has been to flood Clifton with workers, because they will get paid by British Gas for all the work they complete.”
Lilian Greenwood MP tweets “Whilst energy companies continue to make hundreds of millions of £ profit Nottm families in solid wall homes lose out #Toryfail #LibDemfail”
A chance to reduce bills and have warmer homes is being lost.

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