No, No, No, No

The Conservative MP speaking for the letter that 95 Conservative MPs have signed, calling for a national veto on every European law, says this demand is fundamental to democracy. Yet this democrat has not declared the names of those who hold those views. So let’s expand the democratic angle. Every Conservative MP should now answer the question – “do they agree with the political demands made in the letter?

I was going to write to the Nottingham South Conservative candidate, but she resigned just before Christmas.

Truly bizarre to see Conservative MPs wanting to call August bank holiday – Margaret Thatcher Day.
The House of Commons said “No, No, No”.

Finally, an independent “21-year-old graduate of History and Politics Jago Pearson – who wrote in the Daily Telegraph in support of Michael Gove’s assertion about left-wing thinking in universities and schools – forgot to mention in the article that he’s an executive of a Tory PR company“.

We deserve better.


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