Personal favourites of 2013

    “debating” Tories;
    celebrating science on the awards of freemen of the city;
    talking green technology and the “curve index” at Planning Cttee.;
    blankets of daisies at Colwick Park;
    making a snow frog;
    the busier community events;
    the carnival parade;
    flyovers by the Red Arrows, announcing Armed Forces Day in June and the Ashes in July;
    writing a guide to buses for Henry Blofeld;
    Sue’s personal record half-marathon time;
    sharing a car with Lord Mayor’s Consort on the “Magic Mouse”;
    realising Meadows in Bloom had come joint second at the national awards in Cleethorpes;
    Julianna Oprea’s first exhibition;
    the large sculptures at Chatsworth House;
    Coventry city centre;
    John Otway’s movie premiere;
    radical histreh and the re-dedication of the commemoration of the Notts volunteers for the International Brigades;
    talking to the Charlie Peace production about Narrowmarsh;
    “Wipers Times”, “The Challenger”, “Bluestone 42”, “The Mimic”;
    Peter Hook & the Light playing “Ceremony” at Splendour 2013;
    Joe Jacobson’s screamer against Sheff U.;
    Ruby Doh’s wit hitting back at critics – “@raymond_blanc ‘- i don’t care if you’re a patisserie king – don’t be an idiot.”

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