Coleman’s revelation

Not the greatest fan of David Coleman, former BBC tv sports and quiz presenter and commentator.
It wan’t the “Colemanballs” or the over-excitement in the Chair of Question of Sport; it was the opinions, which I sometimes wish he kept to himself.
And yet, sometimes, he got it so right.
On a cold January afternoon in 1979, when hardly any other match was played, Salop featured on BBC tv’s Match of the Day in the fourth round of the FA Cup, and Graham Turner’s team, using very special tactics, knocked out a top tier team. And David Coleman said as Maguire lined up another special corner –
What a revelation Shrewsbury have been, full of ideas, full of confidence and a lot of football.
And then from the gantry, as Salop went 2-0 up, he shouted –
And the Gay Meadow is shaking!
Powerful words for a powerful moment, and he will forever be in my memory.

No such revelations from Salop at Crewe Alexandra today, Salop were on paper the stronger team, but not on grass. The front line has got taller from loan signings and older overall. But they’re not quite finding each other and not quite the entertainment value they were earlier. Our equalising goal came from a “route one” punt from our goalie that Jon Taylor lofted over their keeper.
I hope STFC don’t mind me using their photo that shows the goal being scored with some style –
They also published a photo which shows me asleep, but I can assure everyone that this was before the match started –

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