Bridge Ward Monthly Report 25

20131031-155431.jpgGeneral progress (from a year ago) –
+ crime down, ASB down, domestic violence down, “unemployment” rate slightly down;
– cleanliness down, graffiti up, fly-tipping up.
There has been an increase in number of enforcements carried out and one resident has been fined circa £350 for leaving dog mess. Operations on drugs have been carried out.
Secure jobs is the concern and distressing to hear that the NHS cannot find enough local people who can be nurses etc.

In October
Meadows in Bloom won Silver Gilt in the national competition for urban communities, and were joint second;
– Bridgeway shopping centre lighting completed;
– 20mph speed limits for The Meadows receives majority support;
– District heating and tram works having bigger impact; but despite earlier public statements, neither Robin Hood Way works or Sheriffs Way works (next year) will require bus diversion;
– Medium term concern remains money in people’s pockets; Meadows Advice Group raising significant extra amounts of social security for those in need.
– Medium term concern for public services including cuts to City Council’s budget and a range of problems developing in the NHS.

Next month –
– Fireworks displays at The Castle on the 2nd and a big event on The Forest on the 5th;
– Meadows Advice Group AGM on Tuesday 26th November at The Embankment social club. Please come.

687 matters have been logged for chasing (drawing from conversations, comments at meetings, phone calls, letters, e-mails, Facebook, Twitter and public comment) since October 20th, 2011.
Fuller details available at
Select graphic to see readable version.

Meadows consultations
– Meadows Plan – we will be ambitious, but a good deal of the housing to be replaced will be private sector led;
– Meadows housing in south-west – public meetings starting; am concerned to retain public spaces; am worried by making driving kids to school more practical, at the expense of people who walk and cycle;
– Meadows 20 m.p.h. speed limits; majority in favour and City Council have worked with Police for new ways of enforcing the new speed limit; the consultation has highlighted concern about speed of traffic on Robin Hood Way now;
– Lots of information available at Queens Walk Community Centre open day.

Frustrated by further delays to transfer of Portland Leisure Centre. A reminder of why direct provision is simpler and shouldn’t be penalised by withdrawal of financial support. Progress is still being made.

Enjoyed exhibition at Meadows Art Gallery.

Celebrated 2 years as Bridge ward Councillor and have re-issued web-page on overall progress.

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