Two years progress report

“There is no limit to the amount of good you can do if you don’t care who gets the credit.” ― Ronald Reagan
Ronald Reagan was wrong; there are limits, it’s never just a matter of will.
But seeking credit for change that is invariably delivered in co-operation with others is time-consuming and a distraction.
Even if you are pleased with a handrail that was installed.
So the point of progress reporting is two-fold; boosting accountability and prompting reflection on what needs to be done next.
Two years ago today, I signed on as the new city Councillor for Bridge ward.
20131021-121002.jpg 20131021-121022.jpg 20131021-121042.jpg
The three graphics (select to read expanded version) show some personal achievement, a story of progress for the city centre and The Meadows, and a challenges page (which I haven’t quite managed to fully populate yet).
20131021-121737.jpgBut the challenges are even more understated, cos in this format, they cannot state strongly enough that –

    local jobs not going to sufficiently local people, and work becoming more insecure and piecemeal hits at people’s ability to bring on family and home;
    cuts in social security for the poorest (whilst the rich get tax cuts) will cause problems in health and other social issues, as well as delaying the recovery;
    cuts in support to local government is killing opportunities to do more, and to no avail – austerity isn’t working.

For a fuller write-up see –

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