Nottingham East enjoys the conference

Seems the relaxed nature of Labour’s conference gave delegates and visitors more enjoyment.
20130928-065649.jpgNew policy initiatives, which it seems this evening the new energy companies are actually seeking to better, compared to Eric Pickles’ bewailing of the impossibility of it all in the morning.
Labour on the people’s side; the Tories putting appeals into Europe to save bankers’ bonuses.
Some criticisms tonight, to be sure, but some celebrations too, including of Andy Burnham’s vision for care for the elderly and better integration with social services and mental health services, which has perhaps been overlooked.

Congratulations too to our MP, Chris Leslie, who has slogged during the summer holidays to give the cost of living crisis some profile, and to some effect – gaining coverage for the statistic showing 38 out of 39 months on Cameron has seen increase in earnings behind increase in prices.

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