George Powe

George Powe’s funeral took place today at the Mansfield Road Baptist Church on Gregory Boulevard.
Born in Spanish Town, Jamaica, in 1926. Joined RAF under age in WWII to fight fascism.
Taught maths at secondary school.
Service experience and socialist convictions turned him into a strong campaigner.
Played a role in dissipating St.Anns race riot of August 23rd, 1958.
Met his wife, Jill, whilst campaigning for CND.
They challenged race segregation in Nottingham pubs in practical ways.
First black councillor in greater Nottingham when elected in Long Eaton in the sixties.
Helped people. His concern for others could often transcend his own needs.
Helped set up ACNA, in the old school at the top of Hungerhill Road.
He represented a city ward on the County Council (St.Anns, 1989-1993). Major concern there was education, and equal opportunities for black children, picking up on concerns raised by parents.
Jill asked for support for Nottinghamshire Black Archive, which has a web-site, images from which are re-posted here, including the magnificent newspaper advert.
Died 9th September, 2013, aged 87.
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