Sandstone caves and how they changed with history

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Special session this morning, about Nottingham’s heritage strategy.

As a matter of general knowledge, we are city that doesn’t know when we really started, why we carry the crest that we do, the role the Vikings played and have underplayed our stories outside of Robin Hood, Brian Clough and cricket at Trent Bridge.
Briefings this morning tried to make more of what we should know about ourselves current and relatable.

First obvious story we are missing is our caves.
Hugely distinctive, really no other British city has anything like them. But mostly hidden.
Happened cos of Nottingham’s geology, with its distinctive “Nottingham Castle sandstone”, remarkably soft, cut easily with the simplest of tools.
Seems some caves could have been there a long time, but they were developed in different distinct phases in the city’s growth. For early commerce; To support economic expansion in the stocking frame era; as recreation; for civil defence.

There is a visitor attraction –
There is a huge survey –

Nottingham’s was known in the Brythonic language as Tigguo Cobauc, meaning Place of Caves.
In Welsh it is known poetically as Y Ty Ogofog, “The Cavey Dwelling”.

Bringing that once vital space that surrounded the castle back to life again, in a way that brings together history, commerce and relaxation, is the aim of a set of ideas for renewing Castle Road, which the group visited. Bringing back old street patterns to the east, lines of sight of the castle, the natural rock back into view, and negating the impact of Maid Marian Way were all rehearsed.


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