BBC derelict of style

Well nice to see Meadows people feature in a news article. BBC News at that.
People highlighting the problems with not enough money in the pocket.
Can’t always hope for people to say things just so, but then journalists just have to wait to hear what they want to hear and disregard the rest – or have I nicked that from somewhere?
20130531-102042 PM.jpg
For the Meadows, the article came with a sting.
The most ridiculous black and white images designed to make the area look abandoned and grim. Unfair.
Reward to anyone who can work out what the photo shows.
Meanwhile, grateful for one reply in particular –

“In terms of the Meadows specifically: as an “incomer” who has lived here by choice for around 15 of the 20 odd years I have been in Nottingham, I would characterise it as a vibrant, diverse and generally harmonious area. There are shutters on shops everywhere: it is not an indication of any particular problems in the Meadows. Indeed it’s telling that the most persistent & significant concerns from local residents are about littering & occasional fly-tipping, not violence or property related crime!”

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