Gould calls for full employment …

…but It’a bit abstract.
From my chats with people on the doorstep, I find people are ready for –

    – a drive to help young people get work;
    – local jobs for local people; an end to the undercutting of the minimum wage by agencies;
    – an end to bedroom tax; although neighbourhoods not affected may still need to be persuaded;
    – lower energy bills through home improvement and
    – other job creation; getting other projects going through starting those designed but shelved – like improvements to schools etc.

When the Gov’t has not got the deficit down for three years running through austerity, time to start a new approach.
Bryan Gould bewails that –

Labour is again advised by its friends that, if we are to win the next election, we must demonstrate that we are ready to perpetuate Tory mistakes by taking the “tough” decisions – for which read imposing yet more cuts and austerity. Anything less, we are assured, will show that we are not ready for government.

Clear frustration, although some of the evidence cited is over a year old.
The focus needs to be – a fresh start; getting the economy growing again quickly; getting he rich to pay a better share; using the reserves that corporations are just sitting on; making the money work for us; not how we’d make painful cuts in a different way.
But “breaking economic orthodoxy” can’t be a catchphrase.
We want action!
It’s a focus on action that’s needed, hints of which were in Labour’s Alternative Queen’s Speech.


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