Meadows Trees Project launch

20130524-044951 PM.jpg
Parade behind shire horse called Beau.

20130524-045005 PM.jpg

20130524-045644 PM.jpg 20130524-045032 PM.jpg

20130524-045106 PM.jpg
Mary opens the project.

20130524-045127 PM.jpg
A project established to use the wood from the trees lost to the tram works.
Pat Thomas writes –

The Meadows Tree Project had a successful launch.
Despite windy, wet weather the shire horse led a procession of children and adults around the park to the story circle where his owner told the horse’s story.
The children took it in turns to stroke the horse before we retired to the pavilion for more stories and refreshments.
Two children from Greenfields school told their stories before Mary Daly cut the ribbon around some planks of our lime trees.
The children departed, most cuddling their own disc of lime wood as did many other Meadows residents.

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