Area 8 committee

20130524-115030 AM.jpg
Bridge ward community reps with Cllr. Nicola Heaton.
Nottingham City Council organises certain services by smaller, more local areas and Area 8 covers Bridge ward and the two Clifton wards.
20130524-012632 AM.jpg
This evening, I was elected Chair for the new civic year.
Performance reports with figures for certain public services were considered on such matters as unemployment, cleanliness, crime, anti-social behaviour, graffiti, housing, fire and so on.

20130524-012644 AM.jpg

20130524-012652 AM.jpg
For Bridge ward, story was of a fall in crime, increase in graffiti, increase in fly tipping (associated with private alleyways in the Old Meadows.
20130524-012700 AM.jpg
Unemployment is down by 11% in a year in Bridge ward, second best drop in Nottingham.
Other news was that a bid by a Bingham school to start a “free school” near Trent Bridge has been denied / dropped.
There was a special, and positive presentation from the Police, main conclusions from which is that we still need more people to report crime when they witness it.
Unusually, the committee considered the Rights of Way over Nottingham Midland railway station and recommended supporting the right of way over the wooden bridge, before diverting it along platform 6 towards Summers Leys Lane. Pedestrians will be encouraged to use the new tram bridge once it’s opened, but because the route relies on lifts, it can’t practically become a right of way.
20130524-012707 AM.jpg

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