A nation is stunned

The murder of a man, going about his own business in a main street, distinguishable (if at all) by wearing a shirt proclaiming support for members of our armed forces, by two men, apparently ideologically inspired, who first ran him over with a car, then attacked him with knives and a meat cleaver, and then sought to explain / proclaim their actions to standers-by, before apparently seeking to resist arrest by the Police, is so out of step with any form of any ideologically motivated form of protest or terror attack that Britain has ever seen.
Friends and family will be grieving, and feel an extra kind of hurt in the way that someone they know and love has been taken in such a public and horrible way. A nation is stunned. Government will now be trying to assess the nature of the terror, what are the warning signs of any other possible attack, and whether new powers of surveillance are needed and justifiable to mitigate against future attacks of this kind.
20130523-075614 AM.jpgA protest by the EDL, whose leader says this is “Islam” is not helpful, and not right, but is a distraction – they don’t deserve the attention. Maybe the narrative of what it is to be free and live in a free society, to mitigate against people becoming “radicalised” in this way, does need to be honed. The statement from the Islamic Society is helpful.
We need to understand, but once we do, may find words and values are the best defence.

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