20130503-061207 PM.jpg
To Rob Davison, the new County Councillor for Aston Division in Derbyshire County Council. Elected in a seat of huge churn, and winning cos of the organisation that went into Stenson Fields and a number of the villages.
20130503-061220 PM.jpg
To Kath Lauro, once again, a Derbyshire County Councillor, this time for the Linton Division
20130503-062017 PM.jpg
and to all Labour County Councillors in Derbyshire, who have taken the Council with big gains.
20130503-061231 PM.jpg
To Steve Calvert and Liz Plant, who against expectations, took 2 seats in West Bridgford Central and South, Liz’s seat by ONLY 9 VOTES, which in turn was the seat that gave Labour control of Nottinghamshire County Council BY JUST 1 SEAT.
20130503-061242 PM.jpg
To Kate Foale, who took Beeston South and Attenborough.
20130503-062032 PM.jpgAnd to all Nottinghamshire Labour Councillors.

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