Richie Havens still marching

20130425-075447 AM.jpgLike most people, I know Richie Havens from that Woodstock movie on DVD, with him opening with “Handsome Johnny”.
Marching to the Birmingham war.
And yet I had seen him live.
Glastonbury 1982. Very wet. Lead act – Sad Cafe – oh dear.
I’d been following Joy Division at the time. Contrast that.
Travelled down with a hippie.
20130425-075504 AM.jpgSo we’d made our way to the very front to watch this man with a guitar.
To watch this man constantly re-tuning his guitar.
To hear this man constantly interrupted, whilst tuning his guitar, by members of the audience to say “we love you Richie “, to which he’d stop and say “I love you man.”
I didn’t know his catalogue and so it all washed over me, but I did come away feeling I’d witnessed something.
And the movie told me why.
Richie Havens died today.
But in so many ways, still marching.


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