Dragons’ Den

Thirty-eight Meadows residents came to the Council’s consultation exercise on local priorities.
Followed by a “Dragons’ Den” exercise, where 20 representatives came forward to pitch their ideas for £100 of spend, having already submitted a formal written statement.
It is not much help given the total impact of what’s happening with cuts in spending power and public services, but it is support and recognition for people who are giving to make their neighbourhoods a nicer place and their communities a tighter knit.

First part of meeting was “Your Choice, Your Voice”.
20121206-084139 AM.jpg

20121206-084150 AM.jpg
Sharon leading on helping people find employment.
20121206-084200 AM.jpg
Naghit on family and children’s services.

Dragons’ Den – some of the representatives who pitched for extra help.
20121206-084233 AM.jpg

20121206-084239 AM.jpg

20121206-084247 AM.jpg

20121206-084258 AM.jpg

20121206-084317 AM.jpg

20121206-084407 AM.jpg

20121206-084425 AM.jpg

20121206-084444 AM.jpg

20121206-084459 AM.jpg

20121206-084521 AM.jpg

20121206-084529 AM.jpg


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