Postal voting – sign-up now

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The next election is on November 15th, when the day will be short and the weather may well be miserable.

Turn-out rates of postal voters is so much higher and the requirement for matching signatures, with all declarations scanned and checked, making the system secure.

Deadline, Wednesday, 31st October, 5pm.

Photo: Friends signing up for postal votes today.

See application form here

Renewing paths

Ayton Close pavements being renewed.

20121026-052102 PM.jpg

List of streets in this year’s programme –
Ayton Close is having £26,500 of works on its footpaths.
Also Beardsley Gardens, Castlefields, St.George’s Drive (£56,500).
Thrumpton Drive is having its carriageway resurfaced (£28,700).
Metal poles for Birdcage Walk and a new handrail for Robin Hood Way by Launder Street opposite the outgoing bus stop to be approved on 21st Nov.

GameCity 7

Popular event, with marquee attracting many people and children – in half-term!

20121024-041455 PM.jpg

20121024-041602 PM.jpgMet Chair of Dev Soc – NTU students society for software development – and it turns out today’s idea for a game to be developed is “Squirrel Apocalypse”.
Had to explain that the grey squirrels should be the enemy – they were planning to use grey squirrels to get Tufty – they’re so young.

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