Seeking opinion and concerns in Ladysmock

IMG_4980b0386h NH canvassing opinion in New Meadows
… with co-Councillor Nicola.
Fewer concerns than expected given people are being asked to move house.
For all that, pleased to see Nottingham City Homes gives re-assurances later that evening about priorities for Meadows residents.
There’s been improvements in behaviour along Arkwright Walk.
And residents are waiting for the impact of charging to park in the streets surrounding Meadow Lane.

Meadows housing and regen progress report

Screenshot (229)b0422h N Post Meadows story 20141017A shame about the N Post article on Meadows housing issues.
It contains a couple of errors which I might have been able to rectify if they hadn’t phoned me just as Councillors were walking onto the stage for the Carl Froch event. The errors are -
– the planning application is only for the new council housing in the west of the New Meadows;
– the vicar is wrong to say all the houses in Arkwright Walk are to be demolished; perhaps it was a figure of speech; fortunately NCH wrote this week to residents whose property will not be demolished, only recently, so not too much damage done, I hope.
I have e-mailed a progress report to community activists and the Housing section read …
Continue to hear how promises were made for people who wanted to stay in The Meadows even if their home was being demolished; promises made to community activists at the outset and to households as they were informed individually. An action group (largely driven by Arkwright Walk residents) has started and a full range of concerns have been conveyed to NCH managers. The extension of the decommissioning period for Arkwright Walk properties (forward by 4 months and backwards by 6) is also bringing challenges and complaints about tipping and other improper use of decommissioned properties (which are being chased up). NCH have upped the level of doorstep contact recently and are exploring a local lettings policy, because of the concerns being expressed. A restatement of all the maps, timetables and dates is being planned for publication next month. A planning application for new council housing in the west of the Meadows is to be considered next week – key outstanding concern – will through traffic put off parents and children walking and cycling to Riverside school?
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Carl Froch Freeman of Nottingham

Appointed in recognition of his athleticism and world championships, and in recognition of his pride in Nottingham, his commitment to the city and the role model he sets.
IMG_4964c0729h RCH Carl Froch speaks
Because of public interest, the full council meeting was held in the Royal Concert Hall, with the Councillors sat on the stage. Over 2,000 people attended.
The formal proceedings was followed by an hour’s interview with Darren Fletcher from BBC Radio 5, which I could see people were engrossed by.
Unfortunately for us Councillors, sat where we were, the sound was so muffled and reverberated, that we couldn’t make out what was going on. Hey ho.
N Post coverage here.
#FreemanFroch tweets here.

Meadows Cricket Pavilion

141015 Meadows Cricket Pavilion v1019 1358 p1 a1754h 141015 Meadows Cricket Pavilion v1019 1358 p2 a1754h 141015 Meadows Cricket Pavilion v1019 1358 p3 a1754h

Nottingham City Council now intends to build a new cricket pavilion for Meadows Recreation Ground, next to Victoria Embankment.

Select the graphics to see my presentation of the proposal and news associated with it.

The new proposal was first explained at a public meeting held at the Meadows Library.

The Meadows Cricket Pavilion is a beautiful building. Given grandeur by steps, iron columns and a double-angled roof.

But now the cricket pavilion is in a considerable state of disrepair.

Plans to rewew requires piling and internal columns; and is difficult to make accessible to all.

It costs much more than the council can win from WREN funding, cricket bodies and various partners who are prepared to give in kind.

Money can be found for an ECB compliant pavilion built at the edge of the grounds, for which there are templates.

But the aspiration is to adapt one of the templates, probably building in brick, re-using the cast iron columns of the current pavilion and for a 2 angle roof.

Invited to comment on the main principles of the proposal, the majority who attended the meeting agreed.

But this is a matter, and these are the decisions, that Councillors have to take responsibility for, and will be held to account on.

Indeed, the scale of the news is significant and was surprising …
– the aim had been renewal of the existing building;
– the poor nature of the foundations is a recent finding;
… a further public meeting will be needed, probably in November, and hopefully with further indications of what a design may well look like.
An understanding of an informed public response is needed.