Here comes the story of the Hurricane

Rather like the movie, the story of the Hurricane was for me, the telling of the story of The Hurricane.
Our hippy English teacher heard the Bob Dylan song, and made it our fourth form’s playlet contribution to the school’s performance night.
I played a Police sergeant in the hippy teacher’s denim jacket, with some yellow ribbon sown onto the arms by my Mum to indicate the rank.
I was very proud of taking part, so imagine the sadness of it when we later understood that he had indeed been guilty after all.
And yet, as we have now known for some time, Rubin Carter was indeed innocent.
In retrospect, one of the earliest political campaigns I was part of; that and leaving the Common Market.
I sense education was so much more relaxed in the seventies; that or the hippies had an undue influence in our school.
One example was discovering during the day from one of our French/PE teachers that that the school was supposed to be at a cross-country competition that afternoon, but there was no kit and what was available was a bit random. I had to rummage through the host school’s lost property basket and found only plimsolls and a shirt.
The photo at the start shows our relaxed nature, especially compared to the winning school that were prone for a fast start and not only had kit, but kit with sashes.
Images from CBS and Shrewsbury Chronicle.

Primrose Day

… at Old Oswestry Hillfort.
Surprising expression, and it turns out it’s a little remembered expression to celebrate Benjamin Disraeli, who died on this day.
Disraeli was a favourite of Michael Foot’s, seemingly for his humour.

Bluebells are just coming out on the best preserved hillfort of its kind in Britain.



A grim defeat in a relegation six pointer, made worse by the analysis – tired psychology from 25 years of Radio 5 who keep saying it’s all in the mind. Such misery.
The chairman won’t invest. The previous manager was better. Too many loanees. The loanees don’t care. There is no passion.
So I checked the match stats and it weren’t as bad as all that. Just look.
Except of course, it was. It’s not the stats lie, it’s just that they equate shots on target with efforts that are more like a back pass.
Just occassionally, the punditry got close. Clue being a league table showing Salop scoring fewer goals than all the others. Four consecutive attacks ended with the ball going eighty degrees to the perpendicular. It’s a shame that the squad has never worked out how to be threatening in front of goal, but a bigger shame for those who’ve been to watch so much of it.


Nottingham remembers Hillsborough





A significant turnout in the Old Market Square this afternoon to offer condolences to the victims of the disaster 25 years ago today.
Lord Mayor Cllr. Merlita Bryan read a short statement from the steps of The Council House, with a one minute’s silence starting at six minutes past and then the bell of St.Peters ringing 96 times for those who died directly as a result of the crush.
Merlita spoke to a number of people after the ceremony, many of whom then queued to sign a book to commemorate the event.
Liverpool were playing Nottingham Forest in an FA Cup semi-final and there were Forest fans attending to share their story.
The disappointment all these years on is that so much has been found to differ from the contemporary accounts. Another inquiry is currently underway.


I am surprised at how surprised the Nottingham Conservatives always are.
From yesterday’s full council -
- they were surprised that rejecting central funding for a renewed playground at Wollaton Park a few years back meant rejecting other money that would have been geared in, just as has happened at a whole list of other parks in Nottingham;
- they were surprised to find at a recent Area committee that trying to outnumber the new Labour majority on that committee with community reps with a proposal with cost implications, the Chair took advice and ruled the community reps can’t vote;
- they were then surprised when they followed it up at full Council, to grt the ruling that a review of the legislation means officers now won’t let community reps vote on any matter;
- they were further surprised that reading out minutes of previous decisions, where twice it was plainly agreed that community reps did get a vote on some occasions, mattered not a jot cos of the results of a review that had been prompted.
If they only took proper advice, the Nottingham Conservatives might not foul-up investment opportunities and undermine our attempts to reach out at area committees.
And it’s a shame that Nottingham council meetings are not broadcast – hard to justify financially, I understand – but it would up their game if they understood that people might more readily see them acting in an isolated manner. Or would that surprise them?
P.S. Expect me to have to repeat such a story again some time in the future.