Ewan Morrison’s reasons for switching to “No”

The article expresses surprise and disappointment at the intolerance within the “Yes” camp. And the shouting down of Ed Miliband in Edinburgh was disappointing.
The challenge of course is to show this only happens on one side of the argument. Or to be able to say Nigel Farage wasn’t attacked when he came to Nottingham.
But the author makes a much stronger point on the vacuum at the centre of the “Yes” campaign - “… a kind of shopping list of desires … there was: Get rid of Trident,
… raise the minimum wage, lower corporation tax,
promote gay and lesbian rights,
… create a world leading Green economy, exploit oil to the full and become a world leading petro-chemical economy,
… nationalise the banks, nationalise BP, be more attractive to foreign investment. “

It highlights however that the challenges of politics are being abandoned for something else.
Bernard Crick wrote “Nationalism is … perhaps the most compelling of all motives that can lead [people] to abandon or scorn politics.”
There are grievances over growth and sharing of wealth to address and they go wider than Scotland.

Hoping Scotland votes No

Not many people read my web-site so I shouldn’t think many Scottish people will see this article (perhaps 3 by Frida if the wide-mouthed frog joke page is anything to go by). But this is a big issue, so here’s my view. (And if the majority is within 3, you can blame/credit me on Friday.)

What would a United Kingdom of England, Wales and Northern Ireland be like?
It’s not even the question for Thursday and yet it might be what faces us on Friday.
What would we even call ourselves?
South British?
Scotland is going through an intense political process which in England we can only guess at.
But what will be the role of Scottish people who live in England? 800,000 of pure Scottish descent and so many more not pure.
For some time, it was 4 against separation for every 3 in favour. The change appeared to be triggered by a second TV debate in which the key question appears to be getting Alistair Darling to show he didn’t agree with David Cameron on some things – and that’s just really sad as a test for separation.
And if it’s close, the scope for trivial incidents to be decisive will increase. A “yes” vote might come from a controversy that might taint a renewed nation.
Re-organising government services and trade arrangements to recognise a new border is going to be a pretty poor focus for British people given the challenges we face. Never mind issues over the currency.
Deciding what the role of Scottish people living in England will be might not be that great a process either.
If the bigger argument is that Westminster has lost the focus on ensuring progress for all, and making the money work for us all, well all of us outside of the south-east are feeling that.
Thomas Heatherwick’s proposed Thames bridge. london-map
Hearing London talking about £160 million for a footbridge over the river Thames, or about London expanding its boundaries, emphasises that the country is losing its balance. But it’s not just Scotland that feels the mis-direction.
We do need a big change. Recycling the profits into local jobs and local communities. Growth across the country.
A 300 year old boundary is not the right focus for the change needed.
Meanwhile, some diagrams explaining our current make=up, even if it arguably doesn’t recognise the concerns of the Shetlands, the Orkneys and even Cornwall enough.
512px-British_Isles_Euler_diagram_15_svg british isles commonwealht and territiories

Forest 1 Derby 1 electric bus 1 as car parking 1

IMG_4544b0285h Station Street EventLink electric bus from tram to VE

IMG_4545b0144h Station Street EventLink electric bus from tram to VE
Forest fans catching the electric bus ferrying fans from Station Street tram stop to Trent Bridge for the match against Derby.
The fan’s gesture seems so Nottingham and if I’d seen him do it, I would have acknowledged it.
NET started the service at the end of last season for Forest’s home games using the city council’s Link fleet.

IMG_4563b0108h Waldron Close match day car parking on grass
Less happy was the car parking on grassed areas in The Meadows. Hey ho.

Parking levy wins

The Conservative candidate for Nottingham South is gonna be shocked, but in a week that a Conservative has come out for exploring workplace parking levy in London, that same Conservative has been selected for a safe Conservative seat.
Screenshot (187)b0200h Tories against WPL Screenshot (188)b0200h Boris exploring WPL
On a platform of three policies, her first is already sunk, and her second is just pathetic.
Screenshot (191)b0200h Conservative pothole patrol
The Conservative is against potholes and is searching for them, much in the same way that Nottingham Lib Dems are against tin cans being left in the street and are spending time looking for them.
Presumably, they both think the British public are not looking for anything of substance.
The third policy – on the website recently “lunched” – is a referendum on EU membership.
IMG_4540c0205h Mapperley Labour party newsletter outside pages IMG_4541c0202h Mapperley Labour party newsletter inside pages
Meanwhile Labour are delivering newspapers across the whole city, the Mapperley edition of which came through my door today.
P.S. In case you’re wondering, the “lunch” did not go well. The web-site spent too long wondering about the design of the menu.

NeMTRA public meeting September 2014

IMG_4535c1478h NeMTRA update report September 2014
“Crime has reduced in the past five years and is noticeable.”
“I can now walk through the precinct.”
“The Meadows is getting a village atmosphere.”
Residents’ reaction to news that crime figures are up!
20 and more residents attended the public meeting at the Queens Walk Community Centre to hear news on tram network construction, decommissioning and community safety.
** tram network construction
– concern that works signage is not having enough impact and that the planned road signalling should be implemented quicker;
– disappointment that landscaping of the routes has not involved residents’ groups more;
** decommissioning of stacked maisonettes
– progress includes Bosworth Walk properties granted permission for demolition; Phase 2 still 1 tenant & 1 lease-holder to leave; phase 3 – 4 tenants and 2 lease holders to leave; phase 4 (Arkwright Walk) stared early and 32 tenants moved out already.
– at least 3 households attended the meeting to protest that promises given to them a new Meadows home if they wanted were not being sustained; and a fourth wants more help and understanding in obtaining a Victoria Centre flat.
– concern at waste accumulating in grounds of decommissioned properties, and a possible infestation of mice.
** New council housing
Nine of the new council houses to be built in the south-west of The Meadows are to highly energy efficient; using the Beattie-Passive construction method, annual energy bills may well come down to £90.
** community safety
Crime figures up over 25%, although from a low base; increase in violent crime is within properties; request that people lock up sheds.
Select graphic to read NeMTRA’s progress report.