Nephew reaches 21

DSCF5495bxxxxh Tom canvassing in Elveston on my birthday 050917 173411a Shrewsbury, the castle, cannon, Tom CNV00007 b0150h 030308 16a StAnns, Kildare Road, Thomas Corbett Mar08934 b0150h
Congratulations to Thomas, 21 today.
Independent minded and opinionated, whose interest in trains was nothing to do with his Mum’s Dad being a train driver; whose interest in military history is nothing to do with his Mum and Dad meeting through the English Civil War Society, and whose interest in Shrewsbury Town Football Club and in politics is nothing to do with his Mum’s brother.
On his visits to Nottingham and tssa conferences, I’ve been astonished at how people tell me how nice he is – definitely not got from me.
And he’s embraced life and embraced Wales in an open way that is just not in my psyche.
I would never have been so open minded.
His forthcoming arrival in 1993 was announced on the day I was elected to the County Council, and when I wasn’t looking, he knocked on residents’ doors at the age of 9 (life long Tories said they’d vote Labour – really what else could they say!)
A real pleasure for him to spend so much time helping me in South Derbyshire in 2010.
He’s spending his 21st in Belgium recreating the Great War events of December 1914.
Happy Birthday to you.

For Shrewsbury Town FC, the loggerheads will return

After 8 years of clip art, the real history of the town and the club will be back in our badge, from August.
141220 stfc loggerheads new badge for 15 16 a0360h
The badges have not always been great – a shrew (go figure); a shield with words and a football, inclusion of the old Atcham A5 bridge.
The loggerheads is us and has been our best badge.
Unfortunately, the club have wrapped the loggerheads in the current circle, so it does not convey power, like it has done and could again.
I suspect the club feel compromised by the need to copyright the design.
20130713-065239 PM.jpg 20130713-065717 PM.jpg 20130714-061845 PM.jpg
So I would have done it differently; and I’d change our shirts too – the blue is too pale and the amber band and pin stripes are confusing and again weakening

So if this a tad miserable, then let’s return to the main news – the loggerheads are back.
Just rejoice at that news.
And be grateful too that we’ve not been wound up like Hereford United FC were this week.

Planning committee December 2014

* The Boots Enterprise Zone has only reached the stage it has because a through road between Beeston Ryelands and Thane Road was introduced. I look forward to Boots taking responsibility for any traffic problems on Thane Road if a new through road is introduced.
* A new bio-sciences building for Lower Parliament Street is very welcome, but a screen to bring style and some extra function to an otherwise green plan arguably fails to draw on the Nottingham bio-sciences story.
* The University of Nottingham propose to massively expand their sports centre, but at the expense of 3 ancient oak trees; resolved to consider the idea bit more.
* For The Meadows, hopes for offices (on the former British Railways IT site) served by the Meadows Way West tram stop and served by the super fast data highway have fallen through; disappointing although the data centre stays and would be joined by a car showroom, a large soft furnishings store, plus now an ancillary café.