A full first day of East Midlands Regional Labour Party Conference.
IMG_5035b0533h DMU Lcer Vernon Coaker MP
Vernon Coaker MP summed it up; intense, passionate and determined.
IMG_5030b0305h DMU Lcer EMRLP conference panel
A day full of policy.
Iain McNicol, Labour’s General Secretary, shared one surprise – that in the 3 General Election TV debates of 2010, not one question was asked about the NHS.
Harriet Harman opened the conference with detailed concerns about the NHS, including getting appointments with GPS, and in some places, only being allowed to make an appointment for one problem at a time.
IMG_5032c0714h DMU Lcer Cheryl Pidgeon and MME
Middle day, I met Cheryl, Labour’s prospective candidate for South Derbyshire in 2015.

New council houses designs for the west Meadows

Planning Committee today approved the designs for housing on Tarbert Close, Bosworth Walk, Crammond Close, Risley Drive, Saffron Gardens, Beardsley Gardens and Middle Furlong Gardens.
141022b0323h LH planning cttee new meadows council housing
Councillors were keen to review the appearance of the new council houses. There was a welcome for the sun pipes posing as chimneys.
I raised concerns over the proposal for a through road between Ainsworth Drive and Thrumpton Drive, where the traffic will be moderated by a home zone.
But this is an important pedestrian and cycling route to Riverside school.
Officer advice is that green travelling to school will not be affected, but what if they’re wrong.
So I have asked for the element of the through road to be deferred whilst we work out how to easily close such access if the through road does undermine green travel to school.


DSCF8991b0449h declaration
A full day on the third anniversary of signing the declaration to serve as Nottingham city councillor for Bridge ward.
Issues today – cricket pavilion, Victoria Embankment car parking, Meadows regeneration statements, public health, available of junior rugby, Cliff Road, trip hazards, arranging to receive a petition …
Surprise: talking about a planning permission for the west Meadows and being challenged on the matter by one of the canteen workers who lives in the street most directly affected.
Matters raised with me in those 3 years – 1129.
Had hoped to publish a progress report, but it’s been too busy.

Seeking opinion and concerns in Ladysmock

IMG_4980b0386h NH canvassing opinion in New Meadows
… with co-Councillor Nicola.
Fewer concerns than expected given people are being asked to move house.
For all that, pleased to see Nottingham City Homes gives re-assurances later that evening about priorities for Meadows residents.
There’s been improvements in behaviour along Arkwright Walk.
And residents are waiting for the impact of charging to park in the streets surrounding Meadow Lane.