IMG_4170b0681h Queens Walk friendship pole
The new story pole on the Queens Walk, friendship, enjoyed by the Beeston Civic Society on a walking tour of the new tram line from Midland railway station down to Wilford Lane.
The walk was a chance to enjoy the new works, the new art and the old common history from being settlements along the Trent.
Both Beeston and the forerunners to The Meadows (Great Rye Hill and Little Rye Hill) draw their names from the growing of rye in their often flooded fields, before the river Trent was tamed and developed enabled.
IMG_4163b0195h Beeston civic society walk railway station

Bridge ward express news 140819

IMG_4069b0271h Welcome to Meadows story poleGP surgeries serving The Meadows: congratulations to Jackie (Patients Forum) and Margaret (OMTRA) who appeared on Radio Nottingham to express concerns (5’45” from 1:49:45); Wilford Grove surgery will be open until 30th September, but may be required to stay open to 20th October.
Riverside Festival: attendance was typical overall; poor weather and lower attendance on Friday and most of Saturday was made up for on the Sunday; parking and traffic arrangements will be re-visited, but next year, the tram will be running so we can explore new opportunities.
Victoria Embankment car crash: took place around 4am on Saturday morning; will listen out for any lessons to learn.
Travellers: using the Meadows Recreation Ground have moved on.
Kirkby Gardens: re-surfaced.
20mph zone: still some steps to pass through, but should be in in October.
London Road fire station: plans for new station to replace Gresham works [went to] planning cttee. on 20th [and was approved]
Other News: Nottingham Carnival was worth seeing; tram testing in the early hours of the 21st?; two life sentences; voter registration; Forest football parking has caused problemsNeMTRA to call public meeting for 11th September; 993 issues and concerns raised.

Reporting to NeMTRA August 2014

MME Bridge ward OVERVIEW progress v140814 14 1705 a0424hKeen as ever to know about decommissioning and how Queens Walk and Meadows Way will look after the tram works are finished, I picked up another 3 or 4 new cases at the Tenants and Residents Association’s regular committee meeting. Currently, there’s too much litter.
A number of concerns arose whilst talking about GP services in The Meadows.

Financing GPs serving more deprived neighbourhoods

Screenshot (165)b0205h GP 38 degree petition 140414 Independent article GP surgeries Untitled6 b0205h
Frustration at the consultation over the proposed closure of Wilford Grove surgery, as the GP who runs the business says it’s costing him money, whilst patients wonder how a surgery struggles when it has more patients than at the Meadows Centre, which has 2 GPs.
Concern too at the direction away from single GP practices without taking actual quality of service into account.
There is both national concern about the financing for GPs serving more deprived neighbourhoods (38 degrees), and news of possible change (The Independent).
The petition now has over 300 signatures.
The consultation has been a disgrace.